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* Your planners will be delivered
in mid - late January, due to COVID.
* Your planners will be delivered
in mid - late January, due to COVID.




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What if you could prepare for, schedule, and track your OASIS assessments, set and reach your personal and nursing goals to advance your career, all while establishing a work-life balance framework that’s unique to only YOU!
(Even if planning and being organized isn’t your thing!)

The JouRNal Planner™ system is a quarterly planner that comes in two versions, the original and complete version which is a TRIO system (that includes the Personal + OASIS planner, OASIS scheduler, goal setting + tracking, and Home Health Nurse trackers) with an all-in-one design to give you the tools, knowledge and step-by-step roadmap to balance your OASIS assessments, and personal life while setting and reaching your personal and career goals to create your unique “Nurse-Life”.  The "lite" and smaller version which is a SINGLE system (that includes the OASIS planner, OASIS scheduler, and Home Health Nurse trackers) has an all-in-one design to give you the tools, knowledge and step-by-step roadmap to balance + schedule your OASIS assessments, while tracking your important manager conversations to create your unique “OASIS-Life”.


product features




Let's start your quarterly planning off with "everything out in the open" by using your new PERSONAL, NURSE-LIFE, and OASIS assessment planners all-in-one. This approach will give you the best chance at actually obtaining a "realistically individualized" version of work-life balance.    


Planning your personal, nurse-life, and OASIS assessment schedules can feel crowded and overwhelming. So, let's remove the "crowd and overwhelm" aspects by using a MONTHLY, WEEKLY, and DAILY view strategy that allows you to see each dimension of your life separately and clearly for more effective planning.


You'll start your quarterly planning off with "every planner you could possibly need" by using your new PERSONAL, NURSE-LIFE, and OASIS assessment planners all-in-one to give you the best chance at actually obtaining a "realistically individualized" version of work-life balance.    


Let's make sure that you're tracking the factors of being an OASIS home health nurse that actually matter for your career advancement and pay check by completing and revisiting the MANAGER CONVERSATIONS, MILEAGE, and QUICK CONTACTS trackers when it's time for patient case reviews, performance evaluations, and timesheet completion.

the full list of what's included


Let's go ahead and productively acknowledge and "checkmate" the "goal setting, tracking, and reaching" elephant in the room with the GOAL EVOLUTION, GOAL DRAFTING, and TOP 6 methods that allow OASIS home health nurses to consistently reach their goals.

Exclusive FB Group

Your exclusive community of like-minded OASIS home health nurse planners and go-getters, where you'll get the most up to date information regarding the JouRNal, as well as the annual Habit Huddle, and many other trainings related to the planner. You'll also have the floor to make any recommendations that could make using the JouRNal easier for you.


Let's use all that we've learned from the previous weeks and months with regard to your schedule, health, goals, feelings, and thoughts and make better planned out approaches so reaching your goals becomes a "WHEN" not "IF".

Live “Home Health Nurse Habit Huddle”

These are 3 of the most valuable components of finding your "zone of genius" as an OASIS home health nurse or as a different type of nurse because this is where you'll follow a consistent sequence that includes DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY REVIEWS and PREPARATION that will provide you with meaningful "self-knowledge" that you can later use to make career advancing and life changing decisions. 


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Complete your "Self Check-In"

This is where you'll take the time to reflect on the past 3 months and think about your feelings, habits, thoughts, accomplishments, and goals for family and work, etc. that you've experienced over the past 3 months, and decide if you'd like to continue on the same path or if you'd like to create a new approach.


→ "Musts" list for the next 3 months 
→ "End of the Quarter Reflection"
→ Ideas for new routines + health habits
→ "Cake of Life"
→ Amazing "You" Survey
→ What "Hypes You Up" list
→ "Your" Big Picture
→ "Your" Legacy
→ "Your" Purposeful Year

STEP one

Let's Get It!



→ Brain dump Parking Lot
→ Brainstorm Session
→ "Sorry Not Sorry" List
→ Goal Drafting
→ Top 6 Goals
→ "Make it Happen" System
→ Annual Goal Arrangement
→ Things to Always Remember

This is where you'll take the time to dump all the things on your mind to create space to idealize what your unique "Nurse-Life" balance really is in order to work through the process of drafting, selecting, planning, and tracking your goals for the next 3 months.

Month One Planning



→ In Your Feelings Assessment
→ "Make it Happen" Top 4 Goals
→ "Check-Mate" in Progress System
→ Personal monthly and weekly calendar views
→ Nursing monthly and weekly calendar views
→ OASIS assessment monthly and weekly calendar views
→ Personal daily calendar view + daily "wrap-up"
→ OASIS assessments daily calendar views for up to 5 pts to prepare, schedule, and track + OASIS assessments daily "wrap-up"

This is where you'll start the planning for your first personal + nursing goals, and the scheduling of your first month of OASIS assessments. You'll assess your feelings as the month starts, plan out the 4 goals you'd like to concentrate on for the month, as well as their daily, weekly, and monthly tracking, and use the monthly, weekly, and daily calendar views to guide and assess your personal + nursing lives, while preparing for, scheduling, and tracking your OASIS assessments.

Month One Review



→ Thoughts of the Month
→ Month Review
→ Manager Conversations
→ Thoughts about your job

This is where you'll review your personal, nursing, and OASIS assessment experiences for the month to create a better approach that is better balanced for YOU, or decide to maintain what you've already placed into practice.

Quarter One Review



→ Thoughts of the past 3 months
→ "Cake of Life" redesign
→ Top 6 Goals
→ All the feels about your new top 6 goals
→ Manager conversations
→ Feelin' Yourself

This is where you'll review your personal, nursing, and OASIS assessment experiences for the past 3 months to create a better approach that's more balanced, or decide to maintain what you've already placed into practice.

what's included

ideas for new routines + healthy habits
full month, week, and daily calendar views
the "make it happen system" for scheduling your goals
paper: white, uncoated, #70
pages: aPProx. 1,075 (in 2 books)
cover: Hard cover with silver foil embossed details
3 months of undated planning

The journal planner

colorful sturdy mylar tabs with motival quotes and nursing jokes
goal drafting + selection
"cake of life" Assessment
3 colorful sticker sheets

goal setting

"what matters to you the most" assessment
previous quarter reflection
"keep it private" book strap
monthly goal setting + tracking
"check-mate" monthly goal overview
monthly thoughts
new loves + people to be grateful for

monthly planning

monthly view of oasis patient assessments by assessment type
mind + heart reset
check-mate weekly goal + habit tracking
top personal weekly task
top personal weekly project
personal weekly "to-do" list
all personal weekly steps

weekly planning

patient assessment weekly view by assessment type with mileage + inventory tracking for each assessment
personal weekly calendar view
personal weekly habit tracker
monthly view of personal schedule + goals
thoughts of the week + weekly wrap-up
each monthy is divided by weekly tabs week 1 - week 5
check-mate daily habit tracking
all personal daily task + steps
top personal daily steps
personal daily water drinking tracker
personal daily habit tracker

daily planning

personal overall daily mood tracker
personal daily calendar view with appointment scheduling space from 5am - 7:30pm
personal daily meal + snack tracker
personal daily review + next day preparation
patient assessment daily view with one page per patient that holds all important info you need to schedule, track,+ submit their oasis assessments
patient assessment daily wrap-up with next day preparation so you can rest knowing nothing was forgotten
Tabs to divide planner monthly + weekly

have a peek inside!

Establishing work-life balance and consistently meeting your new daily habits can be a beast as a home health nurse because your assessments and documentations tend to take over your life.  But this planner allows you to see it all in one place, so you can make time decisions based on all of the facts and your life appointments and goals in mind.  You can even track your mileage...amazing!

Robin Cole, RN, BSN

This is OASIS home health nurse GOLD!  I've never come across a planner made specifically for OASIS home health nurses EVER and for the first one I come across to be The JouRNal is just making it crazy hard for any others that follow!

My entire OASIS assessment and documentation processes have been revamped and rightfully so with The JouRNal Planner.  This beast of a planner is amazing to say the least...I can't get enough of it.  I love being able to actually flow through a visualization process when drafting my goals, and most importantly I LOVE that my goal setting is only for 3 months at a time because 2020 was so crazy that is proves to me that I need a planner made for OASIS home health nurses that can be flexible in all areas...because things happen and we may need to reset unknowingly.  

theresa cassun, rn, bsn

Makes preparing for, scheduling, tracking, and submitting my OASIS assessments FASTER + WAY EASIER!  I'm even able to draft my goals and maintain an OASIS assessment and personal calebdar in the same place!

The JouRNal has taken a rainbow and basically sprinkled it on each page so your eyes want to read everuthing on each page, which comes in handy for OASIS assessment preparation and scheduling.  

cassandra valthorpe, rn, bsn

Awesome approach to OASIS assessment and personal life planning!  I couldn't have thought up a better design.  And the colors, we all know that home health nursing can get boring when staring at all of the black OASIS documentation text each day...but not anymore!

I though Trischana had out done herself with the OASIS nursing narrative blueprint, but this planner is way passed a game-changer.  A planner with multiple views, for my personal and nurse lives that's not only made by an actual home health nurse, but was developed, and created by her through interations of editing store purchased planners that just couldn't make the cut...is just plain outstanding!  I've been able to balance my life completely and place my energy and time where it matters the most.  I'm beyond pleased!

danyela patroneaux, rn, bsn

One page of preparation material for each patient's OASIS assessment...this is completely unheard of...like where has this been my entire career?!

I can't say this enough, but as an OASIS home health nurse you need ths planner, if only to try it for 3 months...and to me that's a part of its charm.  You don't have to even follow it for more than 3 months if it's not a good fit for you.  But if you end up loving it as I do, then you're in on a product that's been crafted just for you and the important work that you do as well as the immenent health, work, and life balance that you must maintain in order to be productive and happy.  And this planner will ONLY GET BETTER each year with our input and Trischana's already planbned upgrades.  I'm in love with it and I suggest you atleast give it a try for your career and health stability.

denise collins, rn, bsn, dnp

You better get this before stock runs out...if you're thinking about it...get it!  you won't be disapoointed.

Absolutely!  In order for you to effectively use the JouRNal it was extremely important to me that it be able to lay flat when opened and have its own hard cover in case you're writing in your car or on your lap.

does the Journal planner™ lay flat when opened?
when will my planner ship?

Since this is our first official launch, the planners will be shipping in mid to late January 2021.

And you will be updated along the way and notified when your planner ships!

when should i expect to receive my planner?

Since this the pre-order season, you can expect your planner to be shipped between mid and late January.

And you will be updated along the way and notified when your planner ships. 


I believe in quarterly planning to allow for life and work changes or repositions, and having the ability to review and rebuild your goals and aspirations every three months is more realistic than setting your goals once each year without the opportunity or space to record or track them.

can i purchase my planners for the year?

You bet your Danskos you can!  You can purchase as many planners as stock allows.

However, if you're interested in purchasing 5 or more, please contact us at info@rnventingnursing.com for a discounted price.

how + when do i get started with the journal?

You can start using your planner as soon as you get it in January 2021.

Getting started with a new planner can be a bit confusing.  So, the JouRNal has a "Self Check-In" and  "Let's Get It"sections to help you get in the flow of goal setting and planning.   We will also have a live "Habit Huddle" to help you with setting up your JouRNal.

exactly, who is this planner for?

The JouRNal planner was made specifically for OASIS home health nurses who work in the field completing different types of OASIS assessments that must be submitted to Medicare for service reimbursement.

what is the habit huddle?

The "Habit Huddle" is a live orientation to the JouRNal that will walk you through setting up your planner in order to be productive and successful.

can the journal be ordered as a gift?

Absolutely!  All you need to do is complete the shipping to be mailed to your recipient.



Well, as home health nurses depending on OASIS and Medicare, We have A LOT of business to record and track, and with that comes A LOT of pages within The JouRNal!

Since The Journal is nearly 1,000 pages, it will be delivered in two separate books. 

Being a home health nurse doesn’t have to be the draining, overwhelming time sponge that seems to always keep you tired, constantly documenting, without free time, and regularly anxious about losing your nursing license, or being unable to create or even accomplish your career goals.  

with the journal planner™ system for oasis home health nurses

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