what you'll get:

5 weeks of oasis planning

Let's start your monthly planning off with "everything out in the open" by using your new OASIS assessment planner. This approach will give you the best chance at actually reaching your agency assessment requirements while also reaching your financial needs.    

daily wrap-up part 1™  

Let's go ahead and productively acknowledge and "checkmate" the "end of your assessment day Tomfoolery" elephant in the room with the DAILY WRAP-UP by taking the time needed to consciously close-out each and every patient assessment completed each day in a way that allows OASIS home health nurses to consistently place an "END"to their days knowing that you left no stone unturned or piece of documentation out of place. 

the journal PLANNER 
for home health nurses

get your oasis assessments organized

You'll be able to finally start streamlining your OASIS patient assessments  All while protecting your nursing license and reaching your goals!

daily wrap-up part 2™  

These are 1 of the most valuable components of finding your "zone of genius" as an OASIS home health nurse or ultimately as a different type of nurse because this is where you'll follow a consistent sequence that includes WEEKLY REVIEWS and PREPARATION that will provide you with meaningful "self-knowledge" that you can later use to make career advancing as well as career and life changing decisions in order to make home health nursing WORK FOR YOU or deciding to move on to a better nursing career fit.



No one needs to tell you that being an OASIS home health nurse has a lot of moving parts...so let's simplify them by using different OASIS assessment point of views for preparing for, scheduling, tracking and submitting your OASIS assessments.  The OASIS MONTHLY VIEW will be organized by OASIS assessment type, the OASIS WEEKLY VIEW will be organized by the types of nursing interventions involved, and the OASIS DAILY VIEW will be organized to collect each individual patient's significant assessment data for easy assessment preparation. 

Let's make sure that you're tracking the factors of being an OASIS home health nurse that actually matter for your career advancement and pay check by completing and revisiting the MANAGER CONVERSATIONS, MILEAGE, and QUICK CONTACTS as well as your TEAM MEMBERS contact information trackers when it's time for patient case reviews, patient changes in condition, performance evaluations, and timesheet completion.

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I've been obsessed about helping home health nurses prepare for, schedule, track, and submit their OASIS assessments from their point of view, and with their aspirations and goals as the guiding priority WITHOUT the worry of placing their reputations or license in danger from the moment I became successful at it!

23+ home health agencies, 2,500+ home health and private duty nurses later I've created a framework, methods, with custom strategies that helps OASIS home health nurses merge their personal, nurse-life, and OASIS assessment scheduling in a way that allows them to create their own individualized versions of work-life balance while giving thousands of home health patients the life saving care that they need.

I believe in you and the work that you do, and I'm so tired of seeing my fellow OASIS home health nurses stressed out and anxious over OASIS assessment scheduling and documentation that I've already figured out and tested! So, I'm here to share what I've learned, created, and still have yet to learn! Let's get it!!!!

I'M trischana

your unapologetic home health nurse educator + protector


what you'll learn (or get):

a framework for establishing and balancing your agency's patient requirements and your financial requirements for each week and month  to ensure you make what you need and skip the rants with your manager about not "making" your weekly point requirements.

a step-by-step process for breaking your assessment planning into more easily attainable plans and scheduling that leaves you actually feeling "complete" in knowing that nothing is forgotten  at the end of each assessment day

an uncut but captivating process that effortlessly guides you through visualizing and evaluating your mental and emotional contributions to your patient assessments in order to better align your strengths and preferences with the OASIS assessment load you plan on a daily basis. 





a consistent method for brain-dumping, assessing, and evaluating your "self knowledge" to successfully carry out oasis assessment modifications that places you in or directs you towards your individual "sweet spot" where you're not only great at what you do, but you have an abundantly endless love for doing it


a proven preparation, scheduling, tracking, and submission strategy for your oasis assessments that allows you to "get to know" and "become the expert of" your OASIS assessment patients long before you step foot in their homes  


a straightforward technique for maintaining and providing accountability mechanisms for "manager-level" circumstances, promotion potential, mileage accumulation reliability, and open lines of communication

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