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"I never thought about seeking help from a source outside of my agency, until I was sitting at my computer in tears trying to document. Through a desperation search I found Trischana and I haven't looked back!

She is the most prepared, organized, and HUGE hearted home health nurse I've ever met. Her attention to detail and passion for teaching home health nurses has changed my OASIS everything for the better. You don't have to learn OASIS on your own or by failing your way through...Trischana can seriously help you and no one has to know."

rashida madden, bsn

"Before working with Trischana, my OASIS assessments and documentation were a complete "should show". I had no clue about the extreme importance of OASIS or my nursing narrative. 

Now my assessments are truly spent observing and collecting the correct data, and my documentation process is intuitive, automatic, and most importantly...EFFICIENTLY ORGANIZED!"

mariyem bennette, bsn

"Before finding Trischana, I was on my way to switching my nursing specialty for fear of missing something or completing something incorrectly for my OASIS assessments and documentation.

After working with Trischana and her wealth of knowledge and tools for home health nurses, I'm confident in my responsibilities and feeling empowered to continue and dictate my career path as a home health nurse." 

brenda melocaw, bsn

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hello,  Amazing!


hello,  Amazing!


A documentation-

A documentation

focused OASIS + nurse educator for home health nurses using OASIS.  With over 15 years of experience in nursing and documentation, training home health nurses,  collaborating with Medicare + CMS, orienting home health nurses for home health agencies ranked among the top 10 in the country, I share all that I've learned (and what I continue to learn) about building a successful career as a home health nurse, effective documentation, as well as the art + science of writing OASIS nursing narratives. 

make your oasis assessments + documentation                             to SCHEDULE YOUR ASSESSMENTS, construct your nursing narratives, and make you more moNey while protecting your license and reputation.

MAKE YOUR OASISassessments + documentation                                        to construct your nursing narrative, and make you more moey while protecting your license and reputation.


flow and work


Over the past 7 years I've created and tested a step-by-step guide for how to

This is a strategy that any nurse can use, even nurses with zero home health experience. One that works for new and experienced home health nurses alike.

And I'm ready to show you how to become a PREPARED, PRODUCTIVE, and SUCCESSFUL Home Health Nurse too! 

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For the moment! This is actually just my "Coming Soon" page with a few upgrades to help you get what you need, even-though I'm re-structuring.

There is NO reason for you to be inconvenienced just because I'm moving things around...I've got you covered!

is this your entire website?
what is the nursing narrative refernce?

The NNR is a step-by-step guide that teaches home health nurses about the OASIS nursing narrative, and how to construct it.

It is available in two pillars, being the actual Formula (which is free), and the Blueprint that is the actual statements you can copy + paste to make your individual narratives, with examples of narratives for a number of assessment types (which is $67).

what is the home health rn vip plurseshop?

This is a small very select group of home health nurses who have agreed to a "Product for Feedback" arrangement, where I release my new products to them during their creation process for FREE in return for their feedback within 7-14 days after they are granted access.

The goal is to keep this group small, so it may not always be open for new members. 

do you have other free tools?

Yes, I do have other free tools that have been made available previously. However, they will be available in the near future as tools that partner with specific blog posts, etc. 

In the future you will be able to find these FREE tools within my blog posts to give you specific resources to be a productive home health nurse.

how can i join your home health nursing community?

I'm SO excited that you asked! You can join my HH RN VIP PLURSESHOP by completing the form found here, or by you can join my HH RN community by completing the form here, or by opting-in and downloading ANY of my free tools.

Just be sure to "confirm" your want to join my community when asked by email or pop-up box.

are you open to discuss + take part in nursing podcasts or blogs?

ABSOLUTELY! If you'd like to invite me to guest post or appear on your platform, please send your request to trischana.davies@rnventingnursing.com

do you have a blog?

You know it! BUT, it is undergoing renovations just as this website to make being a productive home health nurse extremely easy for you. 

The name of the blog is The Productive Home Health Nurse™, and when you join my community you will be the first to know when it launches publicly.

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