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Steal my fool proof strategy for completing and submitting OASIS start of care assessments like a pro!  If you've always been second guessing your OASIS start of care assessments or are clueless about how you should approach completing them, then this cheat sheet bundle will help you quickly + efficiently prepare for, complete and submit "Medicare + PDGM - Friendly" assessments in less time with no overwhelm!

The Perfect OASIS Start of Care Cheat Sheet™ is a bundle of 9 tools that provide you with a guide to know exactly what to ask + collect during your SOC assessment confirmation call, exactly how to prepare and what to collect during each SOC assessment, and get a step-by-step process for completing your SOCs proficiently, on a REGULAR BASIS!

go from second guessing, being clueless, and wasting time to completing your socs quickly while protecting your nursing license!




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Let's start your OASIS start of care assessments without the "anxiety rush" by using this multiple step Pre-SOC Confirmation Call Check List to guide you through your SOC scheduling and confirmation calls, so you and your patient are well prepared and know exactly what to expect from the process and each other


Completing this checklist during or right after your patient's SOC assessment is going to be crucial in saving your time and energy that can be placed towards more productive tasks (like completing more assessments to make more $). This checklist serves as a "wrap-up" for all of the data that you've collected during your patient's SOC assessment to ensure that nothing was left out.


Let's prepare for your start of care assessments so you don't have to spend " too much time, documenting in your car or patient's homes" by using this check list to guide you through "getting to know" and "becoming the expert of" your patients, as well as walking you through each of the OASIS items that you can easily complete before you ever step into your patient's home.


This is the "Mother-Load" of the entire Cheat Sheet set because this is where you'll follow a step-by-step process to input every piece of OASIS assessment data in the exact order that it's recalled on the CMS OASIS computer database that you ultimately submit to Medicare for home health services approval. This blueprint will save you time with data collection during your OASIS SOC assessments, as well as when it's time to enter your data into your agency's OASIS computer database for submission.

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vitals collection™

This table gives you one point of reference for all of your patient's OASIS assessment vital signs.  No more looking around in multiple places for your patient's vital signs from different dates.

pdgm alignment cheat sheet™

falls log™  

This log will help you record and track the new PDGM guidelines for patient falls in one place so you can communicate, document, and advocate for your patient's fall needs without loosing time or sleep while tracking each fall according to the list of requirements that influence your agency's probability of being reimbursed.

Use this cheat sheet to verify , confirm, and edit your responses to each PDGM M ITEM and its corresponding GG ITEM in order to ensure that each of these items are answered properly and are in "PDGM Functional or Reimbursement agreement" to guarantee approval, and proper reimbursement to your agency for each of your skilled nursing visits.

before you hit submit: oasis soc assessment ™ checklist  

This will serve as your last "catch-all" verification point for each start of care assessment before you hit "SUBMIT"!  This list will have you walk through correcting the top mistakes and errors of 95% of home health nurses that submit OASIS SOCs in order to help you skip over the error to score your patient and agency Medicare approval on the first try every time.

interdisciplinary team notes™

This is the perfect place to record and draft any notes or conversations that you need to share or have with all of the other disciplines involved in your patient's integrative care plan.  This will also help you track and verify the conversations and data that you share with other disciplines in order to advocate for your patient and their positive health care goals and outcomes.

"I started using this cheat sheet as a "Founding Member" and if this type of value was placed in ALL "Founding Member" programs for products, I'd be signing up for every single one that I come across!  This has helped me get every aspect of my OASIS start of care assessments down to the "T".  I've even invested in the Nursing Narrative Blueprint to complete the set.  I have a complete procees with tools that actually work for the NURSE...not the agency, but FOR ME THE NURSE, and I couldn't be happier."

tanya bhenette, rn, bsn

"This is the first time I've come across a tool for home health nurses using OASIS that was so in depth, and thorough enough for me to forget all about my computer and tablet and just print it to take along on my assessments.  I no longer need to take anything into my assessments besides my bag, and I KNOW that this cheat sheet has my entire start of care assessment covered completely with my protection, patient needs, and Medicare proficiency all in mind and covered!

rhondha mackall, RN,

This cheat sheet is my "Holy Grail" of OASIS documentation tools...seriously!  I use it faithfully to prepare for, schedule, complete, track, and submit my start of care assessments from beginning to end.  It has saved me hours upon hours of time whether it's for lengthy patient explanations, waiting for patients to get prepared for their assessments, waiting for my agency to get back to me to answer a question, or with skipping over multiple edits.  This cheat sheet is the "SPIT" (this is a review so I can't write what I really want to!  I've yet to see another tool created especially for us as home health nurses with our questions and needs in mind...absolutely BRILLIANT, TRISCHANA!"

jessica favre, rn, bsn, msn

"This tools is PRICELESS!  It checks all of the boxes for what I need to complete my OASIS start of care assessments proficiently, and the first time around.  Not to mention that when I had a question, nothing big, but I had one...Trischana answered me record time with nothing but a super helpful and welcoming response and want to answer more of my questions!  In this day and age its hard to find a product that actually helps home health nurses let alone also has genuine backing in its creator and company.  Well done, Trischana!

spencer fowler, RN, BSN

"Best OASIS start of care assessment tool I've ever seen or used, and it comes with 9 different documents all in one that rolls you right through your process from scheduling to submission.  This is definitely a must have for all OASIS home health nurses!

samantha richards, RN, BSN

the perfect oasis start of care cheat sheet bundle is for you if...

*This is a cheat sheet is not to be copied or reproduced for any reason without written permission from the publisher.

You're tired of second-guessing your OASIS start of care assessment data, and always worrying if you've left something out.

You’re ready to know EXACTLY what to ask, record, and track for ALL of your OASIS start of care assessments to be Medicare + PDGM Approval Ready.

You'd like a simple, step-by-step guide for understanding, organizing, and submitting all of your OASIS start of care assessments with PDGM in mind for any patient, and ICD-code(s).




dare to save time while proficiently preparing, scheduling, completing, and submitting your start of care assessments in a way that protects your nursing license and establishes positive rapport + trust with your patients before you reach their door...

with our Perfect oasis start of care cheat sheet bundle!

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