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January 25 - 27, 2021

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Making you a successful and productive home health nurse while managing and completing your goals!

Trischana is an OASIS and home health nursing genius! I contacted her because I needed guidance and tools to help me with streamlining all of my OASIS assessment processes and writing my OASIS nursing narrative notes. Since I’ve been working with Trischana, every patient that I assess requests to have me as their primary nurse, which has increased my value with my agency. In addition, I’ve received 2 bonuses and I’m up for my first promotion and I’ve only been working for this agency for 3 months. Trischana is so organized, welcoming, big-hearted, passionate, and an all-around genuinely amazing nurse to work with and learn from. Her motivation and positive approach are contagious. She makes sure that my goals and aspirations align with everything that we cover and her input and suggestions are always innovative and beneficial to my growth as a home health’s so impressive. I just can’t recommend her highly enough or to enough nurse!

violette brogan, rn, msn

My ultimate results are making it home every day by 4 pm with time to help my kids with homework, cook dinner, and plan for my next day of assessments all while hitting my daily and weekly OASIS assessment quotas plus bonuses!

 I was never properly prepared for assessments, I was never able to establish great patient rapport, or even get my OASIS documentation in on time. The program helped me create a strategic framework for OASIS assessment prep, completion, submission, and even for communicating about my patients to other disciplines and their PCPs. I’ve received a promotion and with Trischana’s help, I was able to negotiate royalty bonuses for training the new nurses we hire. 

Charlie Winsor, RN, BSN

"Attending trainings with Trischana are always so beneficial to my home health nursing career and growth.  She is organized and always over-delivers.  I've never worked with any other home health nurse who was so open, honest, and genuinely wanted nothing but the best for me and my career.  After her trainings, I can't wait to display what I've learned, just so my reviewers and managers can notice. If you ever get the chance to experience her tools for free...count yourself lucky, because the actual value behind what and how she teaches is insurmountable. 

jenny buckney, rn, bsn

"Trischana's trainings have saved me on more than one occassion.  At my neediest, I was fresh out of orientation for a FT home health nurse position, and orientation didn't teach me me what I needed to know in order to feel confident and I found myself in tears, DMing her after running across her FB group.

We chatted for almost an hour and I swear it only felt like 15 minutes because she was nothing but welcoming, understanding, empathetic, and so compassionate towards me and my experiences in home health.

By the end of our chat, I had scheduled a "nurse chat" with her and before long she was training me...for free!  And I walked into my first OASIS assessment with a level of confidence that I never thought was possible, and that confidence led to a promotion within 30 days.  I can't thank or recommend Trischana enough...she's the truth!

mandy arima, rn, msn

"Trischana's trainings are so full of knowledge and techniques that you can put into place "RIGHT NOW". She doesn't waste time filling you in of fluff or teaching you things that aren't relevant to you as the home health nurse or that aren't beneficial for the health of your patient.  Everything that she teaches is from the point of view and for the benefit of the home health nurse and I have nothing but appreciation for that. She's quick to answers questions and with providing individualized training techniques in case you didn't understand how she taught something the first time.

I was 100% ready to give up on home health nursing within the first month of starting because I wasn't handed exactly what I needed, but after I jumped out of the "my agency will teach me everything" camp, Trischana continues to support me personally and professionally.  What more could you ask for in a mentor...#mymentorisbetterthanyours 

sonyah tyler, rn, msn

That helps you prepare for, schedule, and track your OASIS assessments, as well as accept, schedule, and track your new patients.

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What you'll learn

a proven, step-by-step, repeatable process

A proven technique for successfully closing out your days so you can rest and move forward without the fear of "forgetting something".

forget the fomo-stress™

The best methods for scheduling your OASIS assessments to avoid feelings of depression, extreme fatigue, and sudden discontent.

avoiding overwhelm and burnout

The infamous strategy that guides the success of your home health nursing career without wasting your precious time or energy.

Overhaul-On Purpose™

I've been obsessed with helping home health + private duty nurses write their nursing narrative notes WITHOUT the worry of placing their reputations or license in danger from the moment I became successful at it!

23+ home health agencies, 2,500+ nurses later I've created a method that helps home health nurses understand and write OASIS nursing narrative notes that shrinks their documentation time, gets approved quickly, and provides thousands of home health patients with the life saving care that they need.

I believe in you and the work that you do, and I'm so tired of seeing my colleagues stressed out over assessments and documentation that I've figured out and trained up on! So, I'm here to share what I've learned, created, and still have yet to learn! Let's get it!!!!

your OASIS, home health +
private duty nurse bestie

I'M trischana

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