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Narrative Refe     ce

what you'll get:

COMPLETE list of oasis NURSING narrative
note components

A complete list of the components required by Medicare and CMS in order to have the home health services you've provided to your patients reimbursed and paid to your agency.

EXACT formula for constructing ANY TYPE OF oasis NURSING narrative note

An entire page formatted by numbered paragraphs and labels to guide and show exactly where each component from the list above should be placed in order to construct your OASIS nursing narrative note properly.

printable worksheet TEMPLATE to fill-in YOUR OASIS narrative note DATA

An exact replica of the formatted formula page above with blank areas to be filled in with your patient specific OASIS data that can be saved and printed as often as you need to guide the construction of each of your OASIS nursing narrative notes.

know exactly how to write your OASIS nursing narrative notes!

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A documentation-focused nurse educator, who after over 12 years of experience, pivoted to supporting home health nurses with OASIS assessments and documentation and I have spent the last 3 years learning the ins and outs of everything Medicare, CMS, and home health based. I've bootstrapped my way through being a telemetry step-down from ICU nurse, an infusion nurse, a cardiac rehabilitation nurse, a insurance consultant nurse, a telephone assessment + triage nurse, an home health nurse, and an OASIS quality + case mgmt. specialist nurse while testing and tweaking my strategies for supporting home health nurses.


Gaining experience in each of these specialties was AMAZING, but investing in private training for MYSELF as a home health nurse...WAS THE GAME CHANGER and I want that for YOU!

I'M trischana

OASIS & home health nurse educator

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what you'll learn (or get):

the significance of your OASIS assessments and documentation when it comes time for your agency to be paid

the exact components required for each of your OASIS nursing narratives in order to be reimbursed and avoid resubmissions

the exact formula for constructing and arranging your OASIS nursing narratives