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Nursing Narrative
Note Formula

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Let's write your narrative note without "blank page syndrome" by using this 5 paragraph framework to guide you through the construction and the exact placement of each required section and item of your OASIS nursing note.

Nurse Narrative Note Template "on empty"™ 

Speaking of "blank page syndrome" , let's write your narrative note by using  the "ready-to-fill" 5 paragraph framework to guide you through entering your patient's data to construct and arrange each required section and item of your OASIS nursing note.

Patient Eligibility Verification Tracker™  

Completing this checklist before starting any patient's assessment is going to be crucial in saving your time and energy that can be placed towards more productive tasks. This checklist is a basic set of questions to answer regarding each patient that allows you to confirm that the patient should indeed move forward with completing an OASIS start of care (recertification, or resumption of care) assessment.

know exactly what to write and how to craft your OASIS nursing narrative notes.

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Nursing Narrative   Note Formula

I've been obsessed about helping home health nurses write their OASIS narrative notes WITHOUT the worry of placing their reputations or license in danger from the moment I became successful at it!

23+ home health agencies, 1,000+ nurses later I've created a method that helps home health nurses understand and write OASIS nursing narrative notes that shrinks their documentation time, gets approved quickly, and provides thousands of home health patients with the life saving care that they need.

I believe in you and the work that you do, and I'm so tired of seeing my colleagues stressed out over assessments and documentation that I've figured out and trained up on! So, I'm here to share what I've learned, created, and still have yet to learn! Let's get it!!!!

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the required sections and items of an effective OASIS nursing narrative!

the formula for crafting an oasis nursing narrative note in Medicare's language! 

the step-by-step process that I've taught thousands of successful home health nurses to craft oasis notes for any type of assessment or icd-10 case mix.




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