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OASIS question WALK -THROUGH for functional impairment
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The truth is... it's not about your QA team, or your coding department! Sure if you have extra $$$, and time to spend, you could get OASIS certified.

But what if...you don't have either, the $$$ or the time...

And you're just trying to get through each day of nursing assessments with your OASIS documentation submitted within 24 hours (totally exhausted...I can't believe it's only Tuesday!)?

Or, start ASSESSING and ANSWERING your patients' OASIS functional assessment questions ACCURATELY + FAST today.

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so what is easy answers?

so what is easy answers for 

oasis functional impairment?

the pdgm 8

In these 20 pages you will find a complete and detailed break down of the 8 OASIS questions that CMS uses to calculate your patients' functional level score, in order to help you highlight which OASIS items contribute heavily to creating your patients' plan of care.

functional impairment point potential

Use these 3 tables to determine the number of potential PDGM functional impairment points that each OASIS item can contribute towards your patients' functional score depending on the response option you select. 

oasis item response cues

These cues will provide you with advice that helps you through your OASIS item response selection based on CMS guidance and your patients' home health scenario.

the "why" behind the pdgm 8

This helps you with the "BFD" or the purpose of each of the PDGM 8 to home health nurses and your patient.

cms value

Use this to help you understand how CMS uses your answers to the PDGM 8 with regards to your agency's performance ratings as well as your agency's reimbursement amounts for the quality care that they provide.

the pdgm 8 timepoints

These 5 timepoints highlight the exact OASIS assessment types and timepoints, helping you understand when each of the PDGM 8 would need to be assessed and answered.

nursing insights

This is the largest portion of this tool, and it includes proven patient assessment strategies and techniques for assessing the exact information that CMS is looking for, along with clarification and alternative approaches and assessment methods for the more complicated and difficult to understand OASIS questions related to your patients' functional abilities.

the art of calculating nursing visits

This 11 page breakdown is a tool directly from our signature course, that walks you through creating skilled nursing visit schedules for your patients while keeping PDGM at the front of mind by using your patient's answers to the PDGM 8 that CMS uses to reimburse your agency. This tool will allow you to create nursing visit schedules that prevent your patient from being re-hospitalized, while ensuring that you use each and every visit to provide quality care for your patient without waste.


easy answers for oasis functional impairment is for you if...

*This guide is not to be copied or reproduced for any reason without written permission from the publisher.

You are a nurse switching to or an experienced home health nurse that uses OASIS.

You are tired of always having your OASIS submissions returned for functional ability score question edits.

You'd like a simple, step-by-step guide for accurately assessing and answering your patients' PDGM functional impairment questions, and a guide to creating your patients' visit schedule.           




"I love Trischana's products, she knows her stuff and by implementing what she teaches I've been able to understand all of the different pieces of PDGM that otherwise were too overwhelming for me to grasp before."

Elisia treyvle, bsn

"I purchased Easy Answers off of a whim one night while stuck at my computer trying to get my OASIS documentation submitted within its 24 hour window, and I love how organized and detailed Easy Answers is.  

The way she guides you through your nursing assessment process with very specific nursing options for the more complex patients has been beyond helpful and time saving." 

Alexandra heath, bsn

"Easy Answers is AMAZING!  Trischana breaks down and introduces PDGM reimbursement with respect to my agency's reimbursement for my skilled nursing visits into such easy, simple, and manageable process.

I've known what to do every step of the way when assessing my patient's functional ability, and felt empowered to have challenging convos with QA + coding about submission changes." 

lizzie verner, bsn

Great question!  Easy Answers is for home health nurses who use OASIS to document their skilled nursing visits, whose agency is Medicare certified or receives visit reimbursements from Medicare. 

who is easy answers for?
will this need to be updated?

Yes, Easy Answers will be updated yearly just as Medicare releases new information and regulations each year.

do i get access to you when I purchase this?

Another great question! Since this is a "DIY" product, you won't have 1:1 time with me, but if you EVER have any questions, just drop us an email at help@rnventingnursing.com.

if i have questions who should i contact?

If have questions pertaining to any of our products or services, or if you'd just like to say "hey"...just drop us an email at help@rnventingnursing.com.

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